About Me

Hey there and welcome to my developer’s blog! My name is Linda (Lin Lin for friends) and I am an aspiring Visual Novel creator, and as such what you can expect to see in this blog are my ramblings about my personal projects: artwork, announcements, maybe the ocassional rant to vent my frustrations, I guess anything goes!

I’ve been creating characters and stories since I was thirteen but I never found a suitable medium to present them until I found Visual Novels, mostly because while I like to draw I never felt confident enough to draw a full-blown manga/comic or anything that required that level of skill. I am, however, fascinated by art and visual mediums, so plain, ol’ writing didn’t feel like my calling either, therefore Visual Novels seemed like the perfect balance of both: still a challenging experience but definitely more manageable for the type of creator I am (or I want to be).

I am a one-woman team trying to do my best at pretty much everything: drawing, writing, designing, coding, I even dream of one day learning how to compose my own music (right now I have to take it easy, though!), so it’s safe to say that I will take my sweet time to finish any of my many, MANY projects. Things will definitely not be easy for me and sometimes I experience long periods of creative block and low productivity, but I also try to live under the principle of not giving up no matter how long it takes to see my projects finished (unless a MAJOR issue keeps me from it). That’s one of the major reasons I’m putting up things here in this blog: to keep myself motivated and to have something to look back once I finally complete my goal.

While this blog is first and foremost for myself, feel free to follow my progress if you think any of my projects sound like something you’d read through. Words of encouragement and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Thanks for reading!


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