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Almost done with the GUI

I have been trying to work on my project as much as I can since last month, juggling responsibilities like school and daily life with this. I have mostly been focusing on the sprites since they are an essential part of any Visual Novel. Also because, while still difficult, they are more fun to work in than the writing aspect at times (I’m seriously neglecting the writing right now, woops!). However, it is definitely inevitable to get tired of working on the same thing over and over again so I keep rotating working on the sprites and the GUI whenever I need to take my mind off things.

I think the GUI might be my favorite part of the whole creative process, I mean, while I would be lying if I said it has all been easy to deal with and that I had it all ready in no time, somehow it is one of the aspects that has caused the least amount of stress in me lol. Sadly (or fortunately?), as the title of this entry clearly says, I am almost done with it. I really think this is pretty much everything I want for this story’s idiosyncratic look. My ramblings aside, let us review what do we have so far!

First there is the textbox, supposed to look like an hybrid between a regular rectangular textbox and a perfume bottle. While it might look simple, it took me a while to finally figure out how to create each particular element. Believe it or not, it took me a while to come up with the perfume bottle look for not only the textbox but also for the other screens, at first I just wanted every box to look like crystal or something, but since I was unsatisfied with the whole thing, one day the obvious idea of putting perfume bottles everywhere finally appeared in my head and this is pretty much the final look it will have. By the way, this is not going to be a static textbox.

Still using that placeholder background. Also, obviously a mockup text lol.

Now, while this doesn’t really have to do with the GUI, I must say that I still wonder if these sprites are correctly scaled lol. I am sorry for not summoning Narc, his sprite is still not done, whoops! Also, if you go back to the entry where I talk about the sprites, I have revised Ange’s sprite because as you can see, her head looks super weird in this screenshot lmao, her hairline was not great either so I changed it. I’m lazy to replace the sprite right now, though, so… welp.

Next we have the Save/Load screens, still sporting dat perfume-inspired theme. I don’t think there is much to say about this screen, like the textbox, it is pretty much done. Sorry if the gap between the “Auto” button looks too big, I still have to code the forward and backward button since I do not plan to have only five save pages (just in case anyone is an extensive saver(?) like me, haha!). I played around with many ideas for this particular screen but in the end I concluded I was being too extra lol, so other than the aforementioned minor change, this is it.


I had already shown a screenshot for this screen in my first entry, and it is pretty much still the same, I have nothing to add to this screen but this is the masterpost talking about the GUI so here it is.

Lol at the logic where the li’l perfume bottles fill from left to right!

And I guess that’s it for now! I know I haven’t shown the Main Menu screen or the “quit/load/overwrite” prompts, but they’re still not done (mostly the latter). I have decided that I will keep constantly editing these entries as if they were some sort of “masterposts” rather than progress logs so once I feel comfortable enough with showing the final two screens, I will. The next one will definitely be the Main Menu since it is 90% done, it’s just that there are some pesky details I don’t seem to be able to figure out.

Until next time!


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